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Black Soldiers of the Caribbean: Race, Slavery and Radical Politics

Black Soldiers of the Caribbean: Race, Slavery and Radical Politics

A Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship by Dr Jesús Sanjurjo

This project provides a novel and more comprehensive understanding of Blackness, radical politics, slavery and self-emancipation in the Caribbean during the Age of Revolutions by focusing on a pivotal episode in the history of the Spanish Caribbean: the liberal uprising of General Lorenzo in 1836.

The project

In the 1830s, Spain was a very different country to the one that had resisted the Napoleonic invasion. The independence of most of the American territories, the civil war, the spectre of the Haitian Revolution and the long exiles of some of its key liberal intellectuals, had created a much volatile political climate in which many pledged to preserve what was left of a shrinking empire at any cost and others dreamed of a radical revolution. Among the latest was General Lorenzo, the Provincial Governor of Santiago de Cuba, a major slave-trading hub at the time. When the news of the formation of a liberal government in Madrid reached his city, he ordered its people to rise up in arms to protect the revolution. Among them, a group of Black people, free and formerly enslaved, sword alliance to Lorenzo and his radical program.

About the author

Dr. Jesús Sanjurjo is an Early Career Fellow of the Leverhulme and Isaac Newton Trusts at the University of Cambridge.

He was born in Gijón, Asturias, on the northern coast of Spain, in 1991. He studied History at the undergraduate level at the University of Oviedo and then obtained an M.A. in Race & Resistance and a Ph.D in Spanish and Atlantic History at the University of Leeds, under the supervision of Prof. Manuel Barcia and Dr. Gregorio Alonso. He was awarded an AHRC-WRoCAH Doctoral Studentship. Before joining Cambridge, he taught at the University of Leeds, the University of York and Cardiff University.

His first book, In the Blood of Our Brothers, explores the history of Abolitionism and the end of the slave trade in the Spanish Empire.

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